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PostSubject: ADMIN RANK   Fri Jan 08, 2010 1:53 am

to get to admin rank, battle me in this post. NO JOKING AROUND PPL! ONLY SERIOUS BATTLES ARE ALLOWED!

some friendly advise:

- be lv 75+
- know how to heal
- have at least one move that can deal 100,000,000 dmg or more
- have moves that steal hp
- make sure to replenish potions
- unlock all of part 1 special moves
- try to be rank "4th job" or "veteran"
- have at least 100,000 DEF
- have the special move "NULL & VOID"
- be determined to win!


for every battle, please comment in "BATTLEFIELD" post in events mode. it will cost one "Admin battle pass" and 10,000 mesos.

every battle you lose i will take away 10 exp.

if you manage to beat me, i will change you stats to admin and gift you with 90,000,000,000 exp BUT all admin items/ moves will still have to be unlocked.
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