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 When did you started playing maple?

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When did you started playing maple? Empty
PostSubject: When did you started playing maple?   When did you started playing maple? EmptyTue Jan 05, 2010 6:16 am

I started playing maple at February 2009 during valentine's day...well, around...o-o
I made this char named KamiKageAme, but I messed up the stats, so I restarted again, naming my new char UberLegend2.
Then both of them were fail..
So I decided to make UberLegends....
after that, the char was perfect.
Level 115, and still ongoing. :]
The process to make UberLegends was 3 days after I started playing maple first.
Ah...good days, good days.
Even though I got hacked, I was really depressed and I wanted to rage quit maple, then I looked back to these screenies in my maplestory folder, and I realized how much fun I had, plus my friends supported me to get back my stuff.
Sorry for the off-topic subject there, just felt like sharing it.
What about you guys?
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When did you started playing maple?
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