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 NEW QUIZ!!!!!!!

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NEW QUIZ!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: NEW QUIZ!!!!!!!   NEW QUIZ!!!!!!! EmptyTue Jan 05, 2010 2:47 am

please PM, or e-mail me the answers.

things you should know:

1. why as i expelled from crimsonorder?

2. as a level 71, what did i pq?

3. at level 55, i spent most of my time at?

4. who are the three founding maplers of bwizze events?

5. which "pq" did i hate the most?

6. how fast did it take me to level from 1-25?

7. which level was the slowest for me to level?

8. which level was the fastest for me to level?

9. who did i marry to?

10. ive been in two guilds b4, waht are the names?

medium difficulty:

1. where did i meet the person to recruit me to crimsonorder the first time? name? what was my level?

2. my sin is level?

3. Sleep how many hours of sleeping time do i get a day?

4. what is the level preferred for apq? (NOT ARIANT PQ!)

5. how much monies did i spend on my gloves? (both)

6. which boss do i think is the scariest one?

7. what is the name(s) of the person who introduced me to maplestory? (all of them please)

8. what time did i marry in maplestory? (PST)

9. who do i hate the most in the alliance? (hint: chris)

10. which face i think looks best when im wearing my glasses? (u can write the name or the button and it is NOT NX)


1. what are the jobs of the ppl who haxored me?

2. why did the first person who hacked me hacked me?

3. who is my bestest friend since lv 10?

4. what is my favorite buff?

5. i have seen how many gms?
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NEW QUIZ!!!!!!!
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