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 Lord Events!

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Lord Events! Empty
PostSubject: Lord Events!   Lord Events! EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 11:53 pm

Hello it is me Lord0bsidian! So this is lord events at some point I will tally up the scores up to 3 top winners afro

Here is how you can get points

1st way: Lord Gach- You give me 100 mesos and I give you a random item from my inventory after that you earn 10 Lord points

2nd way: When I say to alliance first person to chat me gets 20 points well mainly you get 20 points affraid

3rd way: If you get 1st rank at final score 2 times you get a bonus anonymus prize!

But mainly 3 people at the end with highest ranks of my events get special prizes and get a title of

''I got up to the final 3 of Lord Event''

New updates:

For every time you beat me in a race in a given town to smallest amount of smallest town is 100 lord points :3

So manily if you race another person in a town the smallest amount depending on town will count as 200 Lord points:3

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Lord Events!
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