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PostSubject: EVENT SHOP   Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:07 am

these items have a limited time!! very cheap if u have the points santa
the date in parenthesis determines the time (in PST) that the item will expire from the shop. if u buy it, it will last forever! FYI: sometimes, the closer it is to the expiration date, the more expensive it gets so buy as fast as u can!!

1 EVENT POINT: 100,000 meso

EVENT cape (2/1/10): +10,000 dodgability: 100 event points
EVENT gloves (2/1/10): x2 attack: 100 event points
EVENT top (2/1/10): +10,000 DEF: 10 event points
EVENT shield (1/25/10): negates 1 attack every battle: 1,000,000 event points
holybunny doll (1/25/10): all dmg to u is halved: 100,000,000 event points

reg. chair (2/20/10): every time a person battles gain 100 hp: 100 event points
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