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 bwizze events

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PostSubject: bwizze events   Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:24 pm

i shall be posting bwizze events

bwizze events are a special kind of events that usually only take place during holidays such as christmas, thanksgiving, and easter. in bwizze events, a system of "bwizze points" and $BCD$ (or bwizze cash dollar) are used to purchase in game items (maplestory) im thinking about posting a shop but i still have to find out what to put on. this is just the basic layout/ outline of the term bwizze events. if you have any questions, reply on the forum or talk to me on my character (bwizze852)

the time is here!!! bwizze shop has opened!!! ask me, or any of my characters for things u can buy Very Happy


buy a lottery ticket, ill give you 20 potions of your choice!


see me or any of my characters to buy a lottery ticket!! i will give you a code cointaining the ticket and every sunday i will announce the winner, and every 3 weeks i will announce the grand prize winner!


december 10- december 25: fame the chosen person of the day, and report to me for either a random item or some mesos (i will post on guilld BBS)

december 10- december 25: everyday, i will pick one lucky person and they will recieve a fame!


december 10- december 25: lottery! when im not afk (casue if i am then i cant give you prize) meet me and you will win a random prize. GRAND LOTTERY PRICE: 5mil meso

december 25: meet me on christmas evening at the happyville mansion and i will be handing out one mil! (1 mil per character)


december 24-25: find one of my characters ( gfisgdfch, bwarrior852, bwizze853, bwizze854, bwizze855, bpiraty852) and ill give you a mil.


december 26- december 27: find my bowman (see above list for characters) (only one of the characters is a bowman) roaming around maple and i will give you 3.5mil!! (first person gets 4mil)

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bwizze events
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